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Look below for our upcoming fundraisers

Fundraiser Details:

Join us for some fun painting adventures!  Don’t worry if you can’t paint, you’ll be surprised by some of the talent we can wiggle out of people.  Your painting is bound to look great (or be a good laugh)!

For this fundraiser, we will be having a paint party.  Each member of your group will be given a flyer with a picture of the painting that we will be painting and a QR Code to pass around for people to sign up to participate.  People will go directly to that site and sign up.  We will not be accepting registration any other way.  This will keep your group members and you from having to collect money and deal with that.


Each person that signs up for the paint party event will receive directions on how to paint and all the use of all of the supplies to complete the painting at the event. If each group member is working toward their own goal, then each group members name will be listed for people to pick from.  When that name is picked, then that group member will receive money towards their goal at the end of the event.  


Event Location:

  • We need to pick a venue to have the event at.


Event Dates/Times: (Arrive by 6:15 PM to start at 6:30 PM)

  • We need to pick a date.  

  • The estimated length of the event is 2-2 ½ hours.



  • Cost is $40 per person/seat.  Adult canvases are 16x20.

  • Fees must be paid in advance (if they aren't paid in advance the price is $50 per person at the event and $40 for children)[We only plan for a couple (2) of people beyond the prepaid number so this is why we say we don't do at the door paying] via the website by following the QR code provided and by selecting the member’s name or the group. If someone selects the wrong name, we can not change it, make sure to select the right name when completing your purchase. Your member or group will be credited 35% ($14 for each sign-up).

  • A max of 80 people will be painting at each event and 20 children.

  • Every person attending must pay for a seat.

  • Children age 6-12 can participate with a smaller canvas.  The cost for that is $30 per child and your group will be credited 30% ($9 for each sign-up.). The canvas size for children is 11x14 canvas panels and smaller brushes to fit their hands better.  

  • If we sign up anyone at the door, you still receive $14 for adults and $9 for children.

  • Registration closes 24 hours prior to your event.

Bonus #1:

  • If the total number of people signed up for the event exceeds 25, I will provide raffle prizes and sell the raffle tickets. 100% of that money will go to the member’s accounts.  It will be divided by the percentage of how many people your members have signed up under their name.


Bonus #2:

  • Your group has the option to sell beverages and snacks to help make even more money. This would need to be coordinated by someone else, but it’s a great idea!


I look forward to painting with you soon!

Sam Graybill

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